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Bio T Plus

Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. Kurstaki (BTK) 16,000 ITU/mg. Formulation: SC

It is selectively toxic to more than 100 species of Lepidoptera caterpillars. The product controls only the target larvae while remaining safe for all non-target organisms. Bio T Plus is highly effective for a variety of crops, including: grapes, pears, almonds, apricots, plums, peaches, citrus fruit, avocadoes, persimmons, dates, pine and oak forests, tomatoes, cabbage, beans, melons, and cotton.


- Highly effective bio-insecticide

- Suitable for IPM / Organic agriculture

- No adverse effects on the environment

- Safe for all non-target organisms

  (birds, fish, bees or humans)

- Pest resistance rarely develops

- Long shelf life – 2 years at a room temperature    (under 30°C)

- Relatively long persistence in the field.

  Highly effective formulation that includes a built-in    UV protectant, surfactant, and bait.

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