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Solist WDG - Fungicides & Acaricides

Solist - microgranules formulation to control Powdery mildew fungi and rust mite

Solist is Fungucides & Acaricides

Solist WDG sophisticated formulation containing 80% Sulfur.

Sulfur is the oldest fungicide used by man.

Mode of Action: The mode of action of Solist is broad-spectrum with contact and vapour action with protectant properties. Multi-site activity. its efficiency is enhanced by high temperatures.

Main benefits:

  • Added to water it easily disperses

  • After dispersion in water smaller sulfur particles result in an improved Suspensibility of Sulfur and an homogenous distribution of Sulfur particles in the spray tank

  • Low-dust formulation protects operator from dust pollution

  • Easy to re-disperse if spraying is temporarily interrupted

  • No development of resistances

  • Well tolerated by plants

  • Environment-friendly

  • Cost-effective

Crops: Citrus, Tomato, vine, Pepper

Pests: Citrus rust mite, powdery mildew

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